Homemade Baby Wipes - yes or no...

I am very intrigued by these homemade wipes...every time I use a wipe for Saxon I feel like I am killing the earth a little bit at a time. The idea of paper towels that will break down quickly is tempting...I might have to do it just out of curiosity also because it's rare to be in complete control of what's  in your baby's products and going on their skin...this one is a snap...olive oil, baby wash and warm water - voila!

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  1. We do that, but I add in a couple drops of tea tree oil for antibacterial properties and some lavender for scent (not for boys though - some hormonal thing about using lavender for boys). But we use one ply flannel wipes that I bought on etsy, and I love them. I'm not sure if it's any ecologically better to use paper towels... But probably a lot cheaper than wipes!