Busting Out The Bikes

My husband and I USED to be on our bikes ALL THE TIME. The weekends meant that the cars didn't move from their spots and we biked to dinners, to bars, to friends houses and just to be outside. Having a baby meant that for the time being we weren't able to be on bikes all at the same time anymore. UNTIL NOW. We have been waiting patiently for Saxon to be a year old and considered safe to take on a bike and after some in depth research got him his very own bike seat - the iBert. There was some debate about back seat vs front but because he loves to look at everything and is so curious about the world, I thought it was mean to stuff him behind dad's big back for a whole ride. The only downfall is that he will probably drift off to sleep during a ride and there is not full support for that in any front seat versions. There is a little fake steering wheel covered in padding (that Sax LOVES to hold on to and twist) that reviews have said works as a place for a baby to lay their face on, although that doesn't sound super appealing to me. We will have to see how that works out. It's easy for Ashley to ride his bike without having to pedal with his knees out like with some other models and it's super fast to click on and off the beach cruiser if Ashley wants to go out to a bar, say, and not take the Daddy Mobile. You can't lock it onto the bike (well you probably COULD somehow but it's not easy) which wouldn't be too big a problem but you just never know what people are capable of when it comes to taking your s**t. So far we are in LOVE and so damn happy to be out on the town (well, mostly) again.

The thing that I found super frustrating was buying a helmet. Granted we were shopping for a teeny tiny ping pong ball sized helmet which is not a large market but still...it was impossible to find one that didn't have very strange graphics on them. The only brand that fit was the Giro Me2 and they are awwwwfffuuuul looking (although I admit, I am snotty when it comes to kids stuff). Like flying pigs or cartoon geese and fire engines or ducks and bunnies. Why is it so hard to make children's gear in solid colors? When he gets a little bigger there are great skate/bike helmets that are black or green or blue which is lovely, but until then, we are tempted to spray paint the tiny helmet we got to hide the silly pigs. But big picture - he is soooo happy to be on a bike and knowing he is safe is the main thing.

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  1. yay for you guys!!! i hear you on the helmets, we ended up going with a snow helmet that had polarbears with goggles all over it. i figure... at least his noggin is safe. curren now wears it pretty much daily :)