Slumber Party

Some nights I get in after the whole bedtime routine and it makes me so sad that i sneak in a stare at his peaceful little face. Putting Saxon to bed is the sweetest part of the day (besides when he gets up all smiley and giggly) because he is always so beat from all the days activities and extra snuggly. He now actually reaches for the bed when I go in there holding him and trying to fit last minute cuddles in like "yeah mom you're great but I've got friends waiting for me and I am TIRED". Friends keep slipping in there with him at night to watch over him and in the morning he plays with them before he yells at us to get him out. I love that in this instagram pic, the dog looks like it was having the best day ever and passed out while they were still telling funny stories to each other. And poor crocodile is staring at him like he can't believe he passed out before telling the punchline.

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