Dipes and Wipes - Check!

If you have ever traveled ANYWHERE with a small child, you know the importance of the diaper bag...and to me, how you organize the bag can mean the difference between a fun relaxing day out and a stressful, full body sweat, why did we even leave the house today day. I have a great non diaper bag diaper bag but everything tends to get jumbled up inside and when I would go to reach for something, it can take forever to empty the contents (hopefully not in the middle of a store) locate it and then throw everything back in however it fits. Anything that can streamline and organize is a blessing. And if you can get it to be attractive, BONUS! Take these diaper/wipes pouches from diapees & wipees...they hold just enough to get you through a day away and are pretty to boot. Now they even come in waterproof styles - which if you are me and have NO IDEA what just leaked in the diaper bag and smeared goo all over the extra outfit, that kinda stuff helps. A LOT. Just picked up the flowered waterproof one for myself. Happy Valentines day to me...

(And yes, I am sure these would be a SNAP to sew yourself, but I am totally willing to pay a talented stranger to do that for me! I've got enough things to do...like pack the diaper bag for when the Dad takes it out and doesn't think to check it to see if it needs to be restocked before leaving the house...ALWAYS KEEP THE BAG STOCKED.)

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