Harajuku for Target

If you have ever seen photos of Gwen Stephani's kids you would have an idea of her taste in kids clothes. Her two boys are DEFINITELY the kids of rocker muscians and are encouraged to be as out there as they want to be. I love dressing Saxon and look forward to having fun with his clothes as he gets older...my biggest thing is that I hope he doesn't want to always dress exactly like the rest of the men in his family around here - board shorts, tshirts and flip flops. BLAH. I love skinny jeans and funky shoes and stripey socks and funny sweaters...that's why I have my eye on these plaid little pants in the collection - the rest is not really for me but I LOVE the little Sid Vicious look these have and it makes me laugh to picture Sax running around in these. See the whole collection here.

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