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I have decided that the way I have been posting for this mini obsessed blog wasn't doing much for me so it's being turned into more of a diary-of-my-life-with-baby/baby-items-things-I'm-obsessed-with kinda blog as much for me as for people I think might be interested in it. Having a baby has so thoroughly changed my life...everyday something new and different happens, not only in my child's life but my own. And it all blows my mind. That you can create, with your own body, a small child whose entire existence depends on YOU is are handed all kinds of incredibly difficult challenges and scenarios you would have NEVER imagined, your life is turned upside down and backwards, there are no clear instructions for ANY of it...and yet it is hands down the GREATEST JOY you can ever possibly think of to experience. How does that make any sense at all? The other week I came home in tears (cried the whole way home in the car) for a variety of reasons and was just ready to lock myself in the bathtub with a jug of white wine and cry myself to sleep. Then I put Saxon on his changing table and when I bumped my head on his mobile (and probably cried more) he laughed hysterically. Like a deep bubbly belly laugh. So I bumped my head again. And pretty soon we were both laughing super crazy hard at each other and I realized that he is hands down the coolest person I have ever met - and he can't even TALK. He has made me think about my life in a whole different way. He is my life.

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