Back To Work

It's something that TONS of woman do all the time - leave their new baby to go back to work to help SUPPORT the new baby. But it feels terrible to me and I am much more emotional about starting fulltime again then I anticipated. Tears are not something that are a stranger to our home these I took the last week in Aug off from part time work to spend with Saxon and soak up these last days of having him home with us all day. We walked to get breakfast this morning and a woman waiting for coffee was smiling and laughing at him and then offers her two cents "...I stayed home for 5 thing I ever did...only way to do it, the first two years are so crucial...the mom has to be with the baby during this time...blah blah blah..." I wanted to punch her in the face but instead I just hugged my baby closer and smiled and ordered my burrito. I am sure she is a very nice woman but what insensitivity on her part to say something like's one of those moments you wish you had something witty and clever that nicely told her to shove it without being rude. Whatever, we do what we have to do and I am sure we will be fine.  Eventually.

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