Sleep Deprivation

Two steps forward, one step back. Seems to be how sleeping nights goes for our little one...he is down to once a night sometimes but usually twice but with some regularity when it comes to the times he gets up. Except for last night - his stomach has been gassy so he was noisy and irritated at all hours. So i spent the night feeding him twice, rocking him, soothing him, staring at him trying to will him to comfortable sleep and reading facebook posts on my iPhone. All the while listening to my husband snore and sigh and sound generally comfortable and asleep. So this morning when I groaned about getting no sleep and being tired, imagine my surprise when he said "ugh, i know, so tired". Really? Seriously? I remember him waking up once and it was at 4 in the morning to give me and Saxon the evil eye and to flop back on the pillow. I would have picked a fight but i was way too tired.

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