You Know You Are A New Mom When...

You have learned to do the dishes, brush your teeth, take a shower, put in a load of laundry, make the bed, throw on clothes and eat a small meal at top speed while your baby sleeps.

Your husband hugs you and tells you you smell like sour milk and you are so tired you don't even care.

The baby pees on you while on your lap and you just sit there in it for hours because the baby FINALLY fell asleep after a bad attack of gas.

Your house appears to be littered with round paper nipple guards and again, you don't care.

It's 2:30 and you still have your pajamas on.

You realize in the middle of shopping at Target that your left boob is leaking through your shirt, you are wearing a tank top you slept in and you only have mascara on one eye...and you don't care.

The first three weeks have been such a blur of just trying to figure out how to keep this little person happy and while it is crazy and exhausting and harder than i thought it would be - it's also the most rewarding and beautiful thing to be spending time with this little baby. When he falls asleep on my shoulder and i can feel his little fingers flexing on my back my heart grows in size and my eyes fill with tears because I can't believe I love him so much. Now if only he would sleep a little more...

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