Top 5 Favorite Things

There are a few things that I have become soo thankful for these first three don't know until you are in the middle of it what things will work and what you will return or chuck in frustration. Here are five things that I have found to be incredibly valuable.

1. Sleep Sheep Sound Soother: The ocean sounds are my saving instead of making the shushing noise over and over again, this little lamb goes where ever we do (the co-sleeper, the swing, the couch) and makes him sleep longer. Who knew I could have so much love for a lamb with a speaker in it's behind.

2. Swaddle Mes: In the middle of the night trying to swaddle a crying wriggly baby with a pretty loose blanket  doesn't always work. These guys I can get on in under 5 seconds and velcro tight and soothe him without wanting to tear my hair out.

3. Flannel Pads: These absorbent pads come in two sizes and save me from having to do more loads of laundry than I already do. They soak up looots of pee and keep the changing pad and bed and co-sleeper clean and dry. They are also perfect for naked time in the living room to soak up any messes that the fresh air on a tiny bottom creates.

4. Pea in the Pod Nursing Bra: Was more than I was willing to spend on a nursing bra, but considering that I wear one at all hours of the day, it has turned out to be more than worth it. This bra is supportive, so incredibly soft, easy to access and comfortable while still letting me look perky without squashing the girls.

5. Gripe Water: We haven't had to use it a TON but there have been several nights when this stuff was magical. Nothing like feeling like you are torturing your baby by squirting this stuff in his mouth while he is screaming and mad but within minutes of shaking and back patting he seemed to calm down enough to fart like a madman and go to sleep. There was one instance where he was laying next to me, he screamed this high pitched scary shriek, farted soo loudly and then immediately passed out with a peaceful look on his face. It happened so fast I spent the next 15 minutes making sure he was breathing because I had never seen anything like it.

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