Stuck On You

Awful old blackberry photo I know, but can you tell what that is? It's a raisin. Stuck to my belly. I walked around the office like this for a good while before I noticed it...this has been happening a lot stuck to my growing front. The other day I actually found a melted chocolate stain. In my BRA. I don't even really like chocolate but I remember wearing a cleavagey shirt (and my is there cleavage these days) and eating some. I don't remember being so clumsy with my eating habits before but maybe that's because there wasn't a giant belly to catch all the loose food that's apparently flying around.

* Not long after posting this photo I went to lunch, had Indian food and returned to work with Tikki Masala sauce down my front. Not sure that comes out. I really don't understand the attraction between food and my big belly.

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