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I was told I might not even NEED maternity pants, that I shouldn't buy them because they are so expensive and it's such a short time and even that none of them really fit well so forget about trying to be cute, just be comfortable. Don't get me wrong, I am all about comfort but to sacrifice feeling good about how I look just because it's a temporary situation? No thanks. I worked my regular wardrobe as long as possible (6.5 months) and then tried on a pair and felt stupid I hadn't thought of it earlier! These three pants are all I wear and they are all soooo comfortable, they fit (no saggy butts) and they make me feel stylish, something I was refusing to let go of. I am NOT a leggings and long sweater kind of pregnant lady. The skinny jeans from the Gap are the best and while I splurged for three pairs (one way too expensive pair) I plan on getting pregnant again. And hopefully again after that, so I like to call it planning ahead.
The Gap "Always Skinny" $79.50
The Gap "Ultimate Trouser" $79.50 (unless you buy them with the on-going NY sale price!)
J. Brand "Momma J Legging" $179.00

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  1. I bet all three look better on you than on themodels!