It's Hard Being Two

What a great idea - documenting your two year old tantrums...several things stand out to me about these photos - besides the fact they are hilarious and sweet. The kid seems to have reduced the tantrum down to laying so still as to be faking sleep although i get that this is a PICTURE. And it doesn't seem like anyplace is exempt from fit throwing - the beach, library, sidewalk, living someone who threw their fair share of AWFUL tantrums when I was little I can tell the kid is probably thinking - thanks MOM for stopping to take a photo while I am in an emotional crisis over here. Hopefully Saxon will be a little easier on us but for as sweet of a little boy that he is, I can already tell he has quite a lot of attitude just waiting to be unleashed.  See the tantrum tumblr for more photos. 

Found this at Sven Design.

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