Sock It To Me

Having a baby can be harsh on your body...I am a pretty healthy, active person but sometimes feel like I have a 75 year old body. One of my hips is out of whack from the pregnancy, my back hurts in all kinds of places from lifting and twisting (stupid fricking car seat is SO HARD to get out of the car), my neck is always sore, my boobs are deflated and sad (I miss them) and now to top it off, I have a giant shiner. Saxon and I were snuggling, one of my absolute favorite baby activities, and he arched his back and swung his head around to connect perfectly with my cheekbone right under the eye. Both of us stared at each other a little stunned and then he got the frowny face and started screaming while tears poured from my eyeballs. Poor little guy had a red bump and a lot of tears. Which led to way more careful snuggling. My face was swollen and red but no big deal. TILL I WOKE UP the next morning to a bright purple swollen bruise under my eye...a genuine, people stare at you in the grocery store and wonder about your husband kind of bruise. And lord it HURTS!! So if you think little babes are all fragile and vulnerable...just try giving one a good hug - geesh.

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