Out to Dinner

It's so important to us to be able to have a normal life WITH a baby instead of feeling trapped in our house all the time. We try to take Saxon to enough places to get him used to it and to make us (well, me) feel sane. But at 7 months sometimes he can be a squirmy challenge and since he is on a schedule, we have to time it right so as not to mess with that. Ashley planned a double date with friends to go to a semi-fancy cool restaurant (molecular oyster shots! waygu beef sliders! giant glasses of wine!)  but he forgot the babysitter part...oops. I tried everyone we knew but it ended up we had to take him with us which I sort of dreaded given that it was a nicer venue - I never want to be THAT family. But I was SO prepared - I had a million toys, a bottle of breastmilk, blankies, diapers, wipes, even a pacifier (and he doesn't even use those) and he was soooooo good. No matter how prepared you are though, I have discovered that you can only be 62% involved in regular adult conversation. The one thing that SUCKED BIG TIME was having to change him. Fancy restaurants seem to be lacking in the baby changing stations and of course I don't have one of those fold out mats that you are supposed to stash with your wipes...I did not fully understand the advantage of those until now. Instead I had to use like 12632 toliet seat covers, his extra pair of pajamas and my sweater and lay him down ON THE FLOOR in the handicap stall. You'd think he wouldn't be able to tell, but I feel like even the look on his face said that it was so not cool to be doing that. I felt like such a bad mom - but I managed to change his diaper in like 3.2 seconds and get the hell out of there AND finish my glass of wine. Phew. So if you ever want to give someone a gift at a babyshower - I highly recommend those fold up travel changing mats. Seriously.

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  1. B - You are a riot! Ash should have called Grammy! I"m getting you a changing mat for Christmas!