Day Care Lady

In the spirit of the holidays, I am working hard to let go of my anger towards Day Care Lady. I have been all kinds of upset that she gets to see firsts and that Sax's first word could possibly be her name. Like tears and stomping my feet like a giant baby upset. It's just not fair that she gets to spend more time with him and play such a large role in his life when I really don't know her at all. Maybe if she were someone I related to more it would be easier (doubt it.). But ANYWAY...she loves him and he is so happy there so I am working on being ok with it. I just wish she was a little more aware of how difficult it is for me...that every time she boasts of all the new things he is doing that I want to kick her really hard in the shin out of jealousy (like I said - WORKING on it). Hopefully this will get easier with time and hopefully my husband and I will win the lottery and be so rich that Saxon can play with me all day long and show me how he crawls and pulls himself up and says "mom" and laughs at dogs. Sigh.

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