Looooong Tank Tops

Long tank tops have saved me tearing my hair out while getting this belly dressed. I started out with the most amazing and perfect tanks from James Perse (there was a sample sale pop up shop here for a month) but with constant wear and an accidental wash with dark jeans (s**t!) I had to move on to other options. Target offered the solution...they sell these thin looooong tank tops that stretch just enough and come in the basic colors - grey, black, white and some fun stripes - to layer under everything and each other, I honestly live in them. The long is important because then you don't have to keep pulling down a shirt and the stretch is crucial for obvious reasons - and i find that i like the tight tanks because wearing something loose and flowy can sometimes make me feel like a small sperm whale. Plus - hello - they are 8 bucks a pop and if I accidentally wash and ruin them - oh well.

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