Prenatal Yoga

Went to my first class last night and was wondering the whole time why I hadn't done it sooner. Nothing could have been better for my tired and sore body and my stress levels. It was a loooot of great stretching, lots of modified yoga for strength and a lot of relaxing. There were probably 20 women in all stages of pregnancy and you realize there are ALL shapes and sizes...and that the theory about how you are carrying it can determine the sex goes out the window. There was a woman due in four weeks who barely looked pregnant, small women, big women, it was enlightening to see all that and to be around that many women who are sharing your same experience. Although it is a little funny to be doing downward dogs and lunges and hearing all the women grunting and breathing and doing their best to put their bodies in the different poses. The only thing I wish was different was that there wasn't another yoga class waiting to come in afterward that gawks at all the bellies exiting the room when we get out, it was like we on display at the zoo or something.

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